Monday, July 27, 2015

Malibu Weekend Style

Hat by Janessa Leone

Janessa Leone 'Stephen Hat'

Target Boot Cut Denim

Converse // MCM Limited Edition Soho Clutch (personalized)

I certainly do not keep it a secret that I take every and any opportunity to get away, even if it's in my own backyard to Malibu for the weekend. 
I highly recommend it as the perfect chance to 'recharge your batteries' and disconnect from the possible banality of the work week. For myself, I make it a priority. It sounds obvious to recommend taking a moment to yourself, however, most do not satiate for concern of being deemed selfish or due to finances. If that is the case, feel free to email me and I will recommend tons of way to have fun and escape for free/ with little expenses!
This weekend excursion of mine included my Kini swimwear customized two-piece swimsuit and my new Target boot cut denim. I am experimenting with different cuts of denim, since I practically live in jeans, and I am partial to flares and boot cut at the moment.
My boho beach look is complete with accessories from Janessa Leone ('Stephen Hat') and MCM (limited edition clutch customized by graphic artist, Blair Breitenstein.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Power of Accessorizing- Making a Statement

Beret by Stetson // LOLLY Top // J Brand Denim Flares 

 Beret by Stetson // LOLLY Top // J Brand Denim Flares 
Beret by Stetson // LOLLY Top // J Brand Denim Flares 

Beret by Stetson // LOLLY Top // J Brand Denim Flares 

Beret by Stetson // LOLLY Top // J Brand Denim Flares 

I have a very basic style. Simple is classic, classic is simple. That being said, black-and-white are my favorite colors to play with. However, you have to dazzle it up with something. Because of this, I have always gravitated towards jewelry as my way of styling an outfit without having to put an insane amount of effort into it. I'm not necessarily talking about statement pieces. Rather, it’s about using the right pieces to make a statement.
When I am on the road during my travels, I often find myself stopping in antique shops or roadside shops looking for the perfect cocktail ring. Bold necklaces and cocktail rings of all sizes and colors have typically been the two pieces I will get creative with when it comes to styling my basics.
Recently on the blog, I am sure you have seen me wearing a simple white tank top, black jeans and a heavy metal tribal necklace. That's all it really takes!
For those of you who share my “simple as classic” philosophy, I urge you to play around with cocktail rings, making it your signature way to accessorize.
It is a lot easier said than done to find the perfect pairing when it comes to cocktail rings. However, I suggest going against the norm and find whatever stands out to you individually. That way you can add to and create a collection that you can mix-and-match any way you please!

AmericanDiamonds Jewelry has a great selection of styles, colors and sizes to help you find your perfect collection at affordable prices. I will say that when you’re looking for the right cocktail ring at the right price, it will take a long time. Buying from a website with the variety of jewelry that American Diamonds Jewelry has to offer, will make it easier and fun to find your perfect pieces to make your classic wardrobe a focal point of conversation no matter what occasion!
Fabulous Cocktail rings at American Diamonds Jewelry 

Bracelets for Stacking by  American Diamonds Jewelry 

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