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Braving the Weather in NYC

On the west coast, we are prone to 75 degree weather pretty much year round, with the occasional "shower" now and then, but only in the months of February and June. We complain when it reaches 10% humidity and duck for cover in the air-conditioned stores that gild Rodeo Dr. and Beverly Blvd.
On the east that's a different animal. New York in particular experiences a high of 50 degrees from November through March, 80 degrees April through June, and 85 degrees from July through November.
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, one of the most awaited times in a fashionistas life, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of professionals who work towards it annually. This mega chic event takes place in September, average humidity of 50%! Needless to say, there are some necessary precautions one needs to take in order to attempt to look their best under these circumstances.

Arm yourself dangerous because here comes the artillery!

First thing you will be needing is a great, non bleaching deodorant. The last thing you need is deodorant stains in addition to wet spots under your arms ladies. I recommend Dove's Cool Essential's. 
Next, bring a great make-up primer with SPF. My primer of choice is from Alamay with toning capability, but I also recommend for travel Neutrogena Shine Control Primer with rice protein complex. Stay away from liquid foundations, instead opt for a BB cream like Garnier's
With the beat the heat beauty regiment items added into your repertoire, be sure to stop by your local Bed Bath and Beyond to snag their super efficient 16 piece Carry-On Kit for only $9.99 and fill it with your favorites from your own bathroom!

My next tip is to invest in easy to fold garment bags. These make packing and unpacking much easier when you are hauling around floor length evening gowns. If you haven't purchased your choice frocks for the event, when you do, they should normally come with the garment especially if it is floor length. For the price conscious, which should be all of us, run into your nearest department store and see if they wont mind letting go of some extras without you having to purchase anything. If all else fails, grab one at Bed Bath and Beyond while you are also getting your Carry-On Kit!