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Cataloging Your Closet

So, I have already come to terms with the fact that I am self diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. I actually believe that everyone has a little OCD in them in some way shape or form. Mine seems to form itself in obsessive cleaning and organization habits. When you think about it, not a bad one to have!
My most recent project I have decided to take on is cataloging my closet. What gave me the idea specifically I have no clue. I would like to think it was the scene in Clueless when Cher was rummaging through her automated rotating closet via the computer to find an outfit.
All of us have been in the moment of pre-going out despair of "what the heck do I wear?!" So I do believe closet cataloging will alleviate the issue.

So where to begin? Well, the first thing you need to do is purge your closet. It is a ritual most of us dread because it requires us to depart with some of our most beloved items. I do this about twice a year, where I assess and gather clothing items that I haven't worn or even so much considered wearing in at least 1 year. Then, without a second thought, place these items in a black over sized trash bag and haul them to your local Goodwill. Make sure you always get a receipt, the government likes that when you decide to use them as charitable donation write offs at year end. (Also, if you don't get a receipt, take pictures as you are gathering them.)

Next step is to take your most worn items and place them aside. This is where your favorite skinny jeans come into play along side your "go to" over sized sweater. Then, start to categorize your left over items into areas based on where you would wear them. For instance, work clothes or Vegas clothes (you know what I am talking about). For the really obsessive types, you can take this step to a whole new level and have categories such as "What to wear to a friend's but not close friend's beach wedding." Once you have your 10 - 100 categories/piles, begin to create outfits and accessorize. This step requires the most time, brain power and patience because one over sized taupe knitted sweater may actually go under multiple categories depending on what it is paired with. What I recommend is to drag this step out over a week or so, or better yet, grab a few friends who are easily bribed with alcohol or food and have them chip some effort into this part of the process.
Lastly, once you have full outfits and accessories paired (including shoe options), start documenting. My method is to take well lit pictures (no instagram here) and load them to my iPad. I prefer a digital catalog for easy access and visual, however, another way to do this is to simply take a photo with a disposable camera and place the prints in a chic photo album you can then place on your dresser next to your closet!
The finished project will basically be a lookbook, your own personal, of your own items and outfits in which you can refer to for every occasion at any time!