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What to Wear to NYC Fashion Week 2012

"Gird your loins!" Ok, so this might not be a call to war for a Parisian fashion excursion, however, we are talking New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012. With the possibilities of meeting those we admire and admonish, not to mention the possibility of having our picture taken, what you will be wearing is essential to your survival (at least from September 5th through the 10th). Let's face it, to us in the fashion industry, this is our Summer Olympics. A much anticipated event of the year in which we can dictate what everyone else will be adorning come spring and summer of the following year.

September in New York is not a pleasant time in terms of weather. Its warm and muggy. Living in Los Angeles where humidity does not exist has lent this little fashionista to be a bit spoiled. So when deciding on what to pack and especially how to style your mane for the evening, take into consideration that you may have an afro by the end of the night with makeup unpleasantly strolling down your face. Keeping your hair tight and away from your face in the humidity is a safe way to go. A chignon can be played up or down depending on the time of day.

Pack with the essentials! Since the weather will not be kind enough to allow us to adorn ourselves in the entire fall collection of fur cover ups and knee high boots, get creative with how you apply a few pieces to show you are ahead of the trend. Trending for fall, as mentioned in my previous blog entry, is the color oxblood. Decorate yourself with wine colored accessories accompanied with creams and deep browns and gold. Keep the long sleeves at home, except for a simple layered cover up (Like this navy blue outerwear from BCBG). For the shoes, strappy sandals are always in no matter what season unless there is snow on the ground and you are not attending some sort of soirĂ©e. (Pierre Hardy's cut out black sandals).

Now comes the evening portion of the event. The classic cocktail hours ushering way to the chic VIP exclusive designer parties hosted by the featured designers are moments in which you want to look your best. I suggest sticking with a simple floor length colored evening gown. One in which you will not die from heat exhaustion as well as one that can be adorned with the accessories of fall and a high as the sky stiletto.  I recommend something reminiscent of Halston with flow and movement to it. Depending on which after party you are attending, this may be a good time to wiggle into (literally) the latest bodycon from Herve Leger and your best pair of Charlotte Olympia's.

As jam packed as your calendar may be during this whirlwind week of couture, don't forget to pack at least one New York sight seeing outfit just in case you can plan an escape to sneak a peak at the New York public library. Think something Kate Spade. 

When in doubt, always check your fashion color forecast via Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012.

More to come on preparing for Fashion Week 2012!