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Where the 'Swag' & Runway Elitism Originated

People who attend runway shows consist of industry professionals such as editors, models, press, celebrities, the wealthy connoisseurs and not-so-hard-on-the-eyes seat fillers. In the 1960's, it used to be nothing but press and fashion editors of the magazines in which the garments would be featured in the up coming season. The designers remained so exclusive with their lines that members of the press weren't able to circulate photos and sketches of the clothing was prohibited until the official launch. This way, the public could anxiously await their fashion fortunes to be delivered.  
Media and press received at runway shows was seen as free publicity, and very successful, to the point where the wining and dining began. Women of the fashion press would receive samples, dinners and luncheons, and all-paid expenses for travel to gain the latest insight of the couture world and its on-going's.  
Fast forward to the modern runway show and some of your second and third row occupiers are bloggers. Bloggers and haulers are the new 'free press.'  They are bringing the product along with the reviews directly to you, the consumer, for no pay at all. Their reward is an extended reach and the ability to share their thoughts on what excites them.  This leaves no need for the brands and designers to build an intricate strategy for marketing on social media levels, they vicariously do that through the self-taught experts who have brazened their own footprint in the social media arena.
The wining and dining now falls on the shoulders of not just the celebrities and who's who of the now, its extending to the bloggers and haulers who help generate sales potentially just as much as the stars paid to be seen wearing the clothes.  Bloggers are now receiving priority invitations to not just the shows themselves but also the after parties as well as exclusive behind the scenes glimpses of the events.  Blogging in general has experienced momentum reminiscent to Facebook's success, so much in fact that effective fashion bloggers have been plucked from their blog spots and are now buyers for some of the top brands without receiving any formal training! Frankly speaking, their ability to generate a following based on their shopping habits and their competency of identifying trends as well as a bargain is more than enough proof that these entrepreneurial fashionistas are more than qualified to be choosing what will be sold on the racks next season.

Glad to be part of a booming culture! Stay tuned Monday, I will be announcing who I will be live blogging on behalf of at New York Fashion Week 2012!