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Would you?..... An Industry of Knockoffs

This week, in local news, there was a massive search and seizure of products in a Long Beach port of a shipment coming from China. What was the product authorities were seizing...faux Louboutins! 20,000 pairs to be exact. LA Times The next stop for the impostors is the incinerator. A similar strategy shared by Louis Vuitton in order for their merchandise not to be copied and mass produced. I'm not sure how I would handle a burning pile of LV's, maybe much like I handled the burning Birkin on Mrs. Eastwood and Company by Francesca Eastwood.
This latest fashion fiasco in Long Beach, however, leads me back to the mass overseas production of our industry in general. So what's stopping them from producing shoes with red bottom soles? (other than the hundreds of counterfeit laws in place to prevent it) For large names such as Louboutin and Louis Vuitton that are prime for counterfeiters, trademark laws come in to play as well.

For the consumer, you can actually face jail time for knowingly purchasing a counterfeit item! As of right now in New York, this is merely a proposed law. However, you can be persecuted if found knowingly buying counterfeit merchandise in most states.
There is a website dedicated to this cause, was designed to expose the steps of the precautions the trademark takes in order to protect its brand. 
The reason these items are more expensive is due to the value of the brand, the labor and materials to produce it and the superior construction.
To me, those are perfectly justifiable reasons to pay for the real thing because the value of it to me is for the same reasons.