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Arrival to NYC

Arriving to New York is a much different process than Los Angeles. New Yorkers are movers and shakers. They have mastered public transportation and use it well. With the directions from my iPhone and the instructions from my gal pal, I left JFK to attempt the New York metro.
Apparently, getting to the west side is no easy task. Also, no one really says this, but when visiting Manhattan, it's best to fly into Laguardia.

The metro system is an intricate web of connections and jumps that take you miles and miles through, over, below, and around New York.
My suggestion is to review the metro map prior to landing, this made things much easier for me to digest while staring at the larger version in front of me at the Jamaica Ave. station.
When traveling to New York for Fashion week, however, I very much suggest carving out a transportation budget in which you factor in taxis and car services. It's worth the extra chunk change to arrive at the Lincoln Center looking red carpet ready versus showing up soaked in "au de metro." Not to mention, there are not too many women who can handle an 8+ block trek in 5 plus inch heels.
Another tip, book your hotel months in advance. Fashion week is not just a big deal for industry professionals in the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas. It's a nationwide and somewhat world wide event. Due to the fact that this year's highlights will be broadcasted, dodging the crowds of designers and their teams, press, bloggers, models and camera crews is an event in itself.
Allowing down time and planning day excursions is a must! New York has so much to offer in terms of food, shopping, and architecture, no one should have to be bogged down to being stuck in the tents and behind the curtain the entire time. Make a list of sites ahead of time that are on your to-do list. Then, since the event calendar is previewed a month ahead of time, fix the tourism in between the mandatory shows and after parties.
Participating in Fashion's Night Out should be a must on your list.  It was created as a way of stimulating the economy, namely the retail world, by reinstating faith back into shoppers.  Select stores extend their hours and offer deals, steals, beverages, food and even games and swag! Specially designed merchandise specifically for FNO is sold as well, proceeds go to local causes.
That's all for now for this jet lagged lady. Check in tomorrow for updates on the shows and scene!