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Away with the Stiletto!

Where have all the stilettos gone?  While in New York for Fashion Week 2012, I was very much taken aback by the amount of viewers and attendees who where wearing embellished flats and wedges. For such a seemingly prestigious event, I anticipated everyone would be sporting the latest platform high heel stilettos from Charlotte Olympia and the like. Instead, they were wearing the latest from Marc Jacobs, the animal print smoker slipper, and day wedges!
Well, the memo was noted and heeded. Fashion Week is a working environment just as much as it is a show and tell of style and trends, hence the need for comfort on those days where you have six shows and an after party to attend.
This  movement towards kitten heels, booties and wedges is a seemingly glimmer of hope that the staple of the high heel is no longer mandatory at events such as this.
To affirm my suspicion, I knew I had to conduct more research. At a recent celebrity charity gala and silent auction, inclusive with a red carpet and hosted at a multi-million dollar mansion, I was on major style watch as the A and B list guests arrived. The obvious trends of lace and color were at full play, however, below their floor length and cocktail dresses...wedges! Albeit, these were elaborate night-time wedges, much like these rose gold ones from Fendi.
The importance of feeling comfortable enough to last an entire night of schmoozing and networking while looking absolutely fantastic is surely beginning to outweigh the standard norm of letting your feet go numb and clenching your teeth as you pry the pumps off your feet after hours of standing awkwardly in them at the end of the night.  I have one more test run to perform, however, which will be that of Fashion Week LA. During which I will be on the constant look out for who can withstand the pain and who opted for the more contented alternative.
In addition, there is absolutely no reason to lack style while electing for flats or wedges. Choose wisely and appropriately according to the event and own the look. After all, your favorite high end designers are designing flats like the Louboutin 'PigaLove' flats featured here on the left.