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Battle of the Sizes

This is an age old issue, but many of us have asked ourselves: what size am I, really?  From our tops to our shoes and socks, our apparel sizes change as constantly as our bodies change. Many decades ago, sizing was universal based on what the couture design houses felt was accurate. Then, in 1940, America started to base sizing off of statistics and drifted away from European sizing metrics. Today, there is a very relevant argument about "vanity sizing" which is also known as 'size inflation.'  Basically, each size has become larger gradually over time.  There is no real standard in which manufacturers go by when producing garment for the masses. Therefore, a particular size in one retail store may not be an exact match to the same size in another.  Because of this, it becomes quite impossible to shop without trying something on, not to mention shop for apparel online where there are no fitting rooms.

A few years ago, there was 'talk' about a body scanner in which to measure one's biometrics and produce a sizing guide for an individual to shop by.  However, back in 2005, this was a very expensive and extensive service in which most retailers were not equip to enforce in their stores.  The goal was to provide such a service in every department store, nonetheless when our economy took it's turn, this notion was diverted...until today. is a service that is currently being featured in a select number of shopping centers and malls, located in the kiosk areas outside department stores.  The company is offering free scans to shoppers as well as a style match to particular brands that best fit your body.  The entire process takes about 10 minutes in which you are fully clothed in a vessel much like the body scanners at the airport. After entering in a few basic demographic information, you can walk away with the gift of assurance, your personalized Style Guide. 

The service is offered across America and you can visit their site for locations nearest you. I strongly urge those who have experienced frustration with the ever changing sizes in retail stores to register themselves at the closest site. The 10 minutes is well worth it to find clothing that fits properly at multiple retail sites, not to mention styles in which best suit you.  No matter how often we highlight our hair, bleach our teeth or pluck our eyebrows, there is nothing more flattering to the body than properly fitted clothing.  I do believe this is a service which will in fact become standard in all department stores in the near future, improving our over all style and shopping experiences.