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Celebs of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is reigning all around the world at the moment, in Milan, Paris, London, Australia, New York and soon to be Los Angeles.  The luxury designers have been preparing for this 'season' for many months now, only to repeat the process in just a few short months in March for Fashion Week to debut Fall 2013. Their teams are buzzing around the showrooms frantically trying to organize the coverage thus far as well as stocking up on asprin and emergen-C alleviate travel woes, jet lag and late night post parties. 
The best part about this year's Fashion Week(s) has been the viral marketing that not only the designers have received, but also the events themselves including the attendees.  Bloggers, models and photographers have drawn immense exposure for themselves by covering these astounding celebrity clad events.  
These professions in the past were something to be looked down on, in a way.  Photographers were viewed as starving artist and bloggers, the creative unemployed.  But now, as mentioned in 'Fashion Week Perks,' bloggers are sitting front row center on the catwalks, models are being flown in from all over and hailed over the internet for recognition, and photographers are being payed close to six figures for their pictures captured at the events.

It is certainly interesting to watch the creative world on its rise to popularity and prestige. For example, Bryanboy (Bryan Grey Yambao), a fashion blogger, is now one of the featured judges on 'America's Next Top Model' along side Tyra Banks.  It is no longer shameful to say you are a blogger, now it just means an aspiring writer, or a photographer, meaning the next Herb Ritts.  It is a new era of artist paving the way for self-made celebrities of the future.