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Back in the yesteryears of runway, writers and press didn't want to report fashion shows as news. They wanted to find an angle of delivering a trend forecast to their audience. Today's runway shows consist of all forms of "artists" reporting, attending and delivering a message to the world of what to wear.
Today's featured runway show is W118 By Walter Baker.  The show was less catwalk, more of an art demonstration, which is how the runway should be. The models were on a V-shaped catwalk facing the crowd. In the middle of the "V" were two female DJs. All the models had bedazzled oversized headphones on and were rocking to the beat of the DJs.  The audience was standing only, no seats to be assigned. I appreciated the style in which the show was displayed because everyone was able to snap a picture up close just as though you were at the Getty or the Guggenheim. Much creative collaborate efforts are put into todays runway shows, so much more than decades ago when they were strictly exclusive to the editors and press.  The clothing and forecasts which used to be Vogue's eyes only, are now instantly uploaded live for the world to see. This puts immense pressures on the geniuses behind the creation of the event to perform and compete with during Fashion Week.
Designers are displaying their work to the people who will cause it to go viral.  They are also keen on who exactly will make an impact on reach.  Those people just so happen to be bloggers, photographers, models and celebrities.  Stylists, editors and writers of the press are no longer as influential as they used to be with the rise of Twitter and Facebook. We are so much harder to impress these days with the return of luxury, especially in America. 

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