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The Joys of Social Media

Social media has not only changed the fashion industry, it has changed EVERY industry.  Working in public relations and marketing all these years, I have noticed significant changes and shifts in how companies conduct their efforts to increase sales and awareness by using social media. The breakthrough sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, the need for in-house marketing for small businesses is obsolete. 
What used to be a lead time of two weeks for print and a few days for newspapers, you now have a 24 hour lead for print and under 2 hours for the web!  As I mentioned in previous posts, 'Runway,' designers are well aware of this. Some designers, in past fashion weeks, would have the wifi temporarily disconnected so that bloggers and audience members could not post before they left the building or tent.  Now, the model does not even reach the end of the catwalk before her picture is mass blasted across the web.
The success of Fashion's Night Out in the metropolitan areas which participated, is predominately due to social media and viral reach.  The pre-advertisements on Facebook posts as well as the celebrity ridden promotional video, Fashion's Night Out 2012 overall was a colossal achievement. Not only did the event have a larger amount of cities participating, but profits and proceeds were record breaking.  Hoards of shoppers filed into the bustling stores awaiting their crowd's arrival armed with champagne and entertainment. Henri Bendel NY even flew in Zoomanity performers from Vegas to contort and dance while shoppers enjoyed levels of stimulating revelry. Discounts, splurge cards and freebies were the major perks of the night at some of the most coveted names and stores.  Kate Spade had Game Night with Brad Goreski while Michael Kors had Karaoke contests.  That certainly is one mega way to stimulate the American economy.
With the posts, tweets, shares, likes, pins, uploads and feeds from Fashion Week NY 2012 so far, I anticipate a blow out in February for Fashion Week Fall 2013.
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