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Weight of a Name

Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Miu Miu and Louboutin. Just a few names in fashion who produce desirable products in which most are desperate to own at least one authentic piece in a lifetime. However, most of us can't exactly afford to own an authentic pair of Givenchy fold over riding boots this fall, retailing at $1,695.00. So instead, we head on over to our trusted sites of,, and to scrounge for the look for less. Despite how much we rely on these sites to produce our favorites for less, due to the fact that they were previously owned or excess stock, we can't exactly be too trusting.  Currently there is a "no counterfeit" policy on eBay's site, nonetheless, this policy is particularly targeting the sale of copied DVD's and software vs fake Fendi and Gucci bags. There is an obvious kink in the chain when it comes to eBay's policy vs reality in practice, when sellers are knowingly hawking up faux Louis Vuittons left and right and claiming their authenticity with convincing "documents" and labels.  eBay threatens to remove the seller's privileges once caught, however, how long until they get caught and what's stopping them from creating another seller's account using different information?
While at New York Fashion Week 2012, I noticed customized totes that represented the partnership between eBay and the CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America, on preview all over the Lincoln Center.  After reading into the collaboration more, I discovered that the two organizations have been teamed up since Spring of last year to raise money and awareness of the counterfeit practices online and to celebrate original design.  Counterfeit merchandise is illegal, damages the brand and dupes consumers. Nothing is worse than paying for and believing you are obtaining a genuine product and actually receiving the opposite. 
It's comforting to know that one of the largest discount forums is partnering up with even larger brand names and designers in an effort to end the sale of counterfeits online.  The totes will be available for bid and purchase on the site this Spring 2013. They will be sold at a "Buy It Now" price of $50.00. For more information on the collaboration, visit or

Buyer beware!