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A Quick Shopping Guideline

Someone once gave me the style advice of "shop with your most fashionable friend in mind, as though you were buying clothes for her." Little did that person know, my most fashionable friend was two feet shorter than myself who also was obsessed with anything pink. Nonetheless, it was great advice.
Not all of us were born with the instinct of style.  It is however, something that can be developed with a keen eye and some fashionable friends over time.
A large factor of developing style, or faking it until you do, is where you shop and who you are shopping with. In terms of location, I don't necessarily mean which stores. I am referring to which areas you shop in geographically. For instance, in Los Angeles, there is a big difference between the types of stores and styles in Venice Beach along Abbot Kinney Blvd. than in Beverly Hills along Rodeo Dr. Just the same as the shopping in New York along 5th Avenue drastically differs from that in SoHo along Canal St.
As far as who you are shopping with, it is very important to find a decent shopping buddy. Some traits to look for in the perfect purchasing mate: How long they typically like to shop (no rushing), has a sense of style you admire and trust (no shame in copying here), has a budget you can imitate (no need to go broke), and is someone who lifts your mood rather than a downer (not a good idea to emotionally shop). The process of selecting the proper companion may take a few attempts, so be patient.
After decades of shopping with multiple partners in various areas around the world, I feel I have a decent understanding of the psychology behind shopping and styling myself, so I will be elaborating on the subject in future posts.
However, today marks the start of Fashion Week Los Angeles, so all this week, I will be reporting on the feature events and designers and sharing the trends as they develop!