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For a Good Cause...

Fall is my favorite time of year because of the expressive attire the cooler weather allows for us to wear. Layering with scarves and faux fur, sweaters in deep colors and accessorizing in gold and rose gold is something to look forward to. October rings in yet another very important trend, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month(NBCAM). 
NBCAM is an annual international health campaign designed to raise funding to fight against breast cancer and aide in research for a cure.  Susan G. Komen Foundation and Race for the Cure are amongst the main supporters for this awareness month.  In addition, retailers and designers join the cause by merchandising appropriately with the color pink. Its an iron clad strategy since everyone loves charity and giving back in addition to our love of the color pink!  Therefore, various products and specials are advertised through retailers with proceeds benefiting the cause.
So far this year, we have included a few participants in donating for the cause through their products seen here.
Throughout the month, there will be more products emerging from your favorite designers and retailers in support of such a wonderful cause for a disease that affects many of us daily. So continue to check your local retailers and e-tailers for more information on how you can support the cause!