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High Price of Fashion

Boho Chic, Hipster, Indie, and Native are all very popular styles today which top designers draw inspiration from. Stores such as Urban Outfitters, Theory, Anthropologie and All Saints Spittalfield's cater to these styles in particular.  However, these fashions are not all new to the style books.
"Bohemian" actually referred to traveling refugees from Central Europe, also referred to as 'gypsies', and "Chic" was borrow from the French meaning 'stylish'.  In the 1990's the term took on a meaning of free spirited and lacking permanent ties which is how we associate the style today, casual artists.
'Hip' originates from the jazz era, a time of intense expression through the arts.  The Hipster movement alludes to a blending of tastes and influences targeted by affluent and middle class young adults.  Typically tuned in to liberal and independent political views and alternative religious views, hipsters also rose in style in the 1990's.  Indie, short for independent, consists of handmade and inspired by vintage styles of apparel and accessories.
All three styles, adapted early on and evolving over time, also seem to be some of the most expensive. Considering that each style originated from a 'down to earth' and simplistic form of expressing ones self, its almost ironic that each style is now the pinnacle of individuals expressing wealth and status.  Reasons high end couture and well constructed garments are higher priced can be traced to the garments being made in America or over seas in Europe, high quality fabrics, labor intensive details, and lets not forget the name of the label.  However, hipsters are not necessarily ones to fold for a label. The philosophy is non conformity. Which makes you think, why so expensive?
It is an interesting road these styles have traveled to get to where and what they are today.  Some of my favorite pieces and trends originate from these styles, such as skinny jeans and suspenders. Yet sometimes I feel, for such a simplistic fashion or even the deconstructed ones, am I paying more just because its a relevant style?