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Mix n' Match

On the topic of styling, I have styled photo shoots, runway shows and music videos. The overall idea is to formulate a look compiled of accessories, the hairstyle, make up, clothing and scenery to create a cohesive message or theme.  In other words, every single morning, you are acting as your own personal stylist from the moment you open your closet and plan out your day's activities.  In the process, we think about things such as the appropriateness of certain pieces in a certain setting (you wouldn't wear an evening gown to work), which hues look best with your skin tone and hair color, the weather and who else you will be with. All of these factors play a role in which choices you make for each outfit you wear.  In addition, our shopping patterns play a very large role in our personal style, just as important as pulling for a photo shoot.
When we shop, I believe there are three ways we pick out pieces. The first is intent in which we shop for a specific item we had in mind. It may be an addition to an outfit or a comfort item or a statement item. Next, we shop for style. Each of us has a unique eye for our own personal style, so in a setting such as a department store with many choices, we go for the colors we identify with consistently, the same style of shoe and the same type of jewelry. We are creatures of habit. Lastly, we shop with ideas in mind. Personally, I prefer shopping with an outfit in mind or to create a complete outfit, but that rarely happens. 
We also tend to revisit the same stores over and over again in a cycle until we can identify where we can get what.  Due to the habitual nature, we end up with multiple designers, multiple brands making up a single look making the look that much more unique and personal.
retail stores are now diversifying the styles and trends they carry specifically for that reason. More and more consumers are mixing and matching so it carries into their shopping patterns.
As mentioned in "On your marks, get set...PIN!", I typically find my style inspiration from sites, such as Pinterest, in which users can pin fully accessorized outfits and people like me can duplicate them to the best of our abilities, making us little versions of Rachel Zoe day after day!