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On your marks, get set....PIN!

If you are not using Pinterest, then you should start! When Pinterest emerged from the Amazon cloud in 2010, it began as a small site in which an invitation was needed for "pinners" to browse boards in which others had "pinned" their inspiration photos, links and ideas to category boards in their profiles. Now, it serves as a style of expressing ones self through images through a social platform to gain followers and likes, similar to Facebook.  
One of the main reasons I am a avid fan of Pinterest is due to its Style and Fashion categories. Pinners from all over are pinning photos of inspirational outfits and wardrobe essentials that serve as a guidelines for styling.  It is as though my closet has expanded 1 million times over without me having to go shopping! I use Pinterest and Polyvore as my personal style sites. Whether I have a specific event to go to or just a day around the city, I use my outfit guide from 'My Style' section, in which I have accumulated an immense amount of photos and links, to guide my choice in apparel for the occasion. 
Just as I mentioned in 'Cataloging Your Closet,' I am a full supporter of visual aides to dressing ones self. Since trends are changing ever constantly it's easier to express you own unique style in a trendy manner without having to spend more money. You simply recreate the inspirational outfit desired on Pinterest or Polyvore by finding similar items you already own and combining them in a similar fashion.  That way, you will always look well put together even if it took you five seconds to throw the ensemble together! If women are now becoming their own wedding planners because of Pinterest, I can certainly hope to be able to muster up daily outfits. Having a personal stylist is expensive and most of us don't even qualify for such a luxury. So that is why I let Pinterest dress me, its free!

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