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The Best Part of a Trend

A trend is simply the general direction of a change or development. Something becomes a trend as soon as the masses start to take notice.  Whether or not the trend is excepted or adopted, has everything to do with the trend becoming a fad or style. 
A few things trending for Spring 2013, shown at various Fashion Weeks around the world, are suspender waist belts, peplum skirts and bright prints. Max Azria has perfected the suspender belt which he showed at New York Fashion week with both BCBG and Herve Leger. W118 by Walter Baker and Kenzo nailed the prints, while Balenciaga showed structure and construction with their adaptation of peplum.
However, the best part about trends is the ability for the consumer to have the designers do the legwork of identifying what will be trendy while the bloggers, editors and photographers perform their duty of reporting the trend and the stores to retail them.  In the end, it is up to the consumer to make it a fad or style, which leads to the best part of a trend being the actual adaptation by the consumer.  The end user decides how they will use the trend, regardless of how the designer intended it to be worn. This creates an environment of individuality versus conformity and entitles the customer to become their own designer. As mentioned in a previous post, "Over The Top", street style is becoming the inspiration for future lines by designers. It is not a style that is being ignored, being that it is a style created entirely by the public and individuals. Its a new form of creative collaboration.
So by the end of Fashion Week world wide, I am interested to see this coming Spring 2013, what trends made the cut and how they are executed.