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Fashionable First Ladies: The FLOTUS Trend

"Behind every good man there is a great woman."  A slogan I strongly agree with. Throughout history, America has seen great women making strides through politics, whether they were married into it or a political figure themselves.  

The fashion industry has had such a profound impact on the presidential better halves since before our time.  It was the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who launched a pink Chanel suit frenzy in the 1960's along with her oversized sunglasses that would set a trend for decades to come.  Her undeniable influence on today's fashion surpassed many years of transforming trends and styles.
Nancy Reagan's designer filled wardrobe included the color red so much so that the fire engine hue was dubbed "Reagan Red".
Our current First Lady has been spotted in everything from BCBG to H&M recently, making a bold fashion statement, through her mixed wardrobe, of affordability and commonality.
It is a very big occasion for a designer to be able to dress a First Lady namely because of their ability to set trends by high visibility in the public eye on a consistent basis as well as being able to affect change with their status of power in the nation.  Not only is it an honor to style a first lady, it has assisted in launching the careers of many including Jason Wu when he designed Michelle Obama's induction dress which is now on display at the Smithsonian.
First ladies have historically set fashion trends for the American public to emulate and with each election, seem to have larger shoes to fill.  With the bar set so high, each appearance made seems as fashionable crucial as the next to come. 
So regardless of your party preference, fashion seems to transcend political views.