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Flop or Fab? Maison Martin Margiela Collaboration with H&M

Some collaborations don't exactly live up to the hype created prior to their launch. In the past, we have seen collaborations sky rocket sales and sell out in mere minutes. Such was the case with Missoni with Target in 2011 and Marni with H&M in March of this year.
This go around, however, didn't seem as successful, at least here in the states. Maison Martin Margiela, a renowned French fashion house, spent a great deal hyping up the launch of their collaboration with the fast fashion powerhouse, who's majority of previous collaborations have been wildly successful.
With a private pre-sale last night for VIP shoppers and stylists, the 8AM launch in Los Angeles produced a trickle of a line outside the store and a dissipating crowd before 9AM, the Century City location was still left with a great deal of unsold merchandise. The employees expressed that the launch was "A lot less crazy than they anticipated!"

The hot item from the collection seemed to be the "Candy Wrapper Clutch" which sold out first, being priced at $59.95. The next popular item from the line, another accessory, was the "Guitar Shaped Weekender" priced at a whopping $399!
The clothing had decent construction based on H&M's usual, however, that didn't seem to sway shoppers into a frenzy to purchase the odd and oversized garments. The men's collection, a much more under stated look, seemed to do much better than the women's line.
So, for those of you who might not have arrived on time for the official launch, you might still be able to snag some merchandise in stores or as a last resort on eBay!