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On Trend: Embellished Leggings

Ever since I saw the sequin rose gold leggings from BCBG in stores, as well as at Fashion Week LA, I have grown to embrace the trend of embellished leggings.  The style seemed to drop onto the radar without hesitation and has gained momentum ever since. I accredit this movement to shorts being the new norm in business and 'on the scene' attire in combination with cold weather.
There are many variations of embellished leggings, such as printed, knitted, metallic or sheer. I recommend you try each kind to find which works for you, seeing as how this can be a tricky trend to pull off.
Depending on the level of "embellishment," this fashion statement can make its debut in a casual setting or formal, however, I would play it simple for work and go with knitted.

Below are a few recommendations and styles that are a few of my favorites for this Fall. Enjoy!