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The Influence of a Window: Dior at Printemps

The concept of window displays and decoration them for holidays and special events is a tradition in the fashion industry centuries old.  Fashion institutes offer collegiate degrees in visual display in order to churn out talent year after year to enhance our storefronts and beautifying our street views through artistic creativity and skill.  Luxury department stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, as well as couture houses and upscale establishments around the world typically raise the bar when it comes to their efforts in capturing and captivating our attention with their decor.

During the holidays, exceptional displays come to life (quite literally in some cases).  This year, one of the most creative and classic presentation will be by Dior, at Printemps Department Store in Paris, France.  Puppeteer Jean-Claude Dehix fashioned couture dolls and silk dresses embodying the classic to modern pieces of Dior including the atelier's famous "Bar" suit. This classic black and white two-piece suit revolutionized how women dressed, ushering in "The New Look."
This is not the first time Printemps Haussmann has used puppets in their displays, they have been utilizing the artistic expertise of Jean-Claude Dehix for years.  He has transformed Parisian department stores during the holidays, creating a reputation as the 'Puppeteer of Christmas'.
A video of this year's display, created by Dior Mag, features the display with the stylish puppets primping and prancing throughout Paris with their Dior handbags and pumps.  See the video here: Dior Stealing the Lime Light.
The video below is from Printemps 2009 Noël celebration. Enjoy!