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The Mall and The Holidays

The mall is a funny thing. Here in Los Angeles, like in many other metropolitan areas, boutique shopping is more the norm. This is mainly because you can get a sense of individuality by shopping in a stand alone than a mass commune.
During the holidays, however, I feel like the mall is the proper place to be. In a way, it almost gives us all a place to refuge from the chaos while throwing you completely into it. As though everyone going through the same frantic mode can converge into one common place and share their 'crazy' while accomplishing their holiday to do list as well.
When it comes to the retailers who are unfortunately smack dab in the middle of the crazy zone, I feel they are trained proportionately to handle the holiday craze. Not just for the mass frenzy of people, but also the overwhelmed and the clueless. As if they know to handle with extra care or we will break at any moment.
Now, as for the shopping itself, that is a different story. The stores throw the colors red and the word "sale" around like there is no tomorrow. This starts in early November, gearing up for Black Friday which nearly marks when the stores profits move from the flailing red into the profitable black zones until next season.  This "event, if you will, marks a nation wide stimulation of our economy. So let us start stimulating, shoppers!

Stay tuned for more posts on Holiday shopping and certain retail myths busted!