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Tips to a Coveted Closet: Fall Edition

There are certain pieces and articles of clothing that every woman needs in her closet.  The reason these following items are a "must" is due to their level of versatility, functionality and fad resistance. You most likely already own many of these items, such as a "functional" pair of black pumps. I prefer Jeffrey Tyler or Rachel Roy for my black pumps. In addition to the pumps, you will need a pair of flat boots that are "good for walking." I recommend something similar to Tory Burch 'Elina' riding boot in black from this season's collection. To pair with the boots, a pair of dark skinny jeans or leggings, whichever you are most comfortable in. These bottoms are best worn in a boot since anything else will need to be rolled and tucked which can be uncomfortable .
An obvious piece every woman should have is an iconic "LBD" or little black dress. Even if you have yet to attend an occasion that requires an evening gown, it's best to have a long LBD for such an occasion due to its versatility. Cocktail dresses are becoming more diverse than before, so I suggest a simple short LBD to play it safe for most occasions. As you build on your wardrobe, add neutral color cocktail dresses of varying length to diversify between seasons but still maintaining a classic look.
Long sleeve knits are great for layering in any climate ranging between below 0 and 65 degrees. My personal favorite is something lightweight with a crew, boat or V-neck (find which flatters you most). Reason being, as you layer, you tend to bulk up, so the thinner each layer, the more flattering the the figure. I recommend INC International Concepts ribbed light weight long sleeve V-neck (best in "mouse" or "deep black").
Burberry London Wool A-Line Coat
As for outerwear and jackets/coats, I stick to the classics. Faux leather jackets are great for windy climates. Long or short wool button-up coats, similar to a pea coat, are great for any cold weather and really dress up an outfit by pairing well with dresses.

These are just a few of the things I certainly can not go without in my repertoire, and those are just for Fall! I will be revisiting closet "must haves" for Spring/Summer in a future post, in the meantime stay tuned for more on the holidays and shopping tips for gifts!