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'Tis the Season: of Sales and Shopping

Welcome to the week fashionistas, families and frustrated boyfriends unite!  A week that is jam packed with sales and savings for the gift giving season (and for your own personal closet of course).
Let's begin with Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving received its connotation by retailers marking their start to the positive profit season between November and January. The rest of the year, they function at a loss of profits.  In the 1980's the negative numbers, for accounting purposes, were written in red and the positive in black.  This day typically signifies the start to holiday shopping.
Stores open earlier to accommodate the flood of shoppers throughout the day and to spread the sales to as many as possible, however, in recent decades, the earlier the store opens, the bigger the frenzy. The frenzy has been known to turn violent in some circumstances, typically revolving around extreme discounts on electronics at popular retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. To alleviate this possibility, stores now show previews of the door busting deals and offer earlier openings such as midnight the day before. H&M stand alone stores this year will be open at midnight, in addition to handing out discount scratch cards to their first 100 shoppers.  It is definitely worth it to check the discounts ahead of time in order to properly plan out your day.
The deals creating the excitement range from TVs discounted more than 50% to clothing for $10 at department stores.  Typically, most will not only get all of their Christmas shopping done in one day, but they also feel guilt-free nabbing a few items for themselves due to the great deals!
Camping out in front of retailers is now a tradition starting as early as the afternoon of Thanksgiving. In previous years, we have even seen shoppers celebrating Thanksgiving dinner in line in front of the stores!
Regardless, Black Friday has always been a great way to stimulate the economy. So whether you have the stamina or have created a family tradition out of it, I wish you luck to those heading out early on Black Friday to snag the good stuff early. The rest of you, I suggest strolling in after the madness has died down.

**Check in Wednesday for news for Small Business Friday!