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A Unique Gift Idea

Planning on attending Paris Fashion Week this coming Fall 2013, I have been brushing up on the French scene. While reading up on my Parisian pop culture, I came across a company with a unique concept perfect for the holiday season. is a site created by a self proclaimed "Francophile" obsessed with anything French. Nathalie Grunberg started the company in Paris and is now based in Canada. 
The concept of signing up for the panty of the month is just as brilliant if not more so than fruit of the month or wine of the month!  However, I personally prefer a carefully constructed line of lingerie as a monthly surprise than an apple or pear.  They also ship worldwide! You can easily set up and select the personalized collection for your best friend, sister, cousin or yourself!

Selecting from the collection of French inspired undies, you can choose the length of your 'subscription' and customizing types and sizes of each panty. 
With a reasonable price of $15/month, you can also select from their bridal line as well as men's line! My personal favorites, 'Lucious Noir' and 'Etoile Nude'.

Most stylish gals dream of visiting Paris for the purpose of perusing the outlets and boutiques until we run out of funds.  For this season's underlining theme of customization and ultimate gift giving, this is a perfect way to bring a bit of Paris to your favorite fashionista!