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Change in Pace: Target + Neiman Marcus 'Holiday24'

Jason Wu Ornaments: $49.99
Dec. 1 - 'Holiday24', a line created by the pairing of designers from Neiman Marcus and Target to be sold by both retailers online and in store. Brian Atwood, Robert Rodriguez, Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler and Jason Wu were among some of the designers featured in the line. These designers are Neiman regulars, however, to the Target shopper, they are a new concept.
Making the designers' pieces affordable and attainable to shoppers who wouldn't necessarily be purchasing them regularly, if at all, is a new concept the two retailers are attempting.
Brian Atwood: $49.99
The line was launched with the idea of not selling out or creating a frenzy like most collaborations in the past.  On the contrary, the items are diverse and better in quality than what most Target clientele are used to as well as offer a gift idea for almost anyone in mind.  I picked up the Jason Wu ornaments and instantly identified a better quality than most ornaments in general.  The Target staff was eager to share the line with customers as they entered the store and the section in which the items were displayed was amply staffed with friendly faces ready to assist.  This also is not so norm for Target, extra staffing and informative staff waiting at a display to aid.  Although this type of customer service is something common in Neiman stores, it's not just the products that are combining but the expected level of service as well!
The concept may become one of a soon to be marketing disaster, but I believe it will usher in a new way of cross branding and customer demographic mingling.  I for one have historically shopped between H&M and Barney's as long as they have what I am looking for or want. So the merging of the contradictory retailers might actually serve as a good thing, especially since the items are perfectly priced between that of Target and Neiman's typical ranges.
Marchesa Floral Dress: $79.99
It seemed the highlight of the Holiday24 line, however, were the children's apparel and home goods items, including my personal favorite, the Altuzarra Tray : $79.99.
To view the collection, visit your local Neiman Marcus or Target or online at both retailers!