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From Paris to You!

Spring 2013RTW
Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Parisian designer, Sophie Mechaly of Paul & Joe, named after her two sonsSophie takes pride in working to be constantly aware of what is new and now and lends her design expertise to her style in her clothing based on inspiration of Paris. The city of hidden gems inspires through music, architecture  and living things.

Paul & Joe's Fall women's RTW line invokes a style of vintage 1920 and 30's with a masculine undertone.
 The hand picked floral patterns in the resort line for 2013 and over the top construction with the use of Italian fabrics and French perfectionist separates the line from most ready to wear available in the states. I attribute the quality construction and detail of the fabric and finishes to the line's success.  Some of the pieces were even made in France because they have a particular way of constructing a garment, even the way they steam it.

My favorite piece is a high waist silk-satin pant in persimmon and avocado. The pant reminds me of something Betty Draper of Mad Men would wear while having coffee with her neighbor. 

Sophie's current obsession is creating 'the bag every woman must have', one that can be worn with any Paul & Joe style or pattern.

Obsessed with the "Paul & Joe" bag which can be seen in Paris Fashion Week on the runway with their Fall collection.
On her ideals of designing, "I think of YSL, how he projected women and their attitude and how they behaved." When I asked Sophie about her thoughts on retail stores that seem to be diminishing, she simply stated, "Women like boutiques, that's why it's important to have multiple lines for everyone to enjoy, it's an experience." 

Paul & Joe's only one store in US and its on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills.
They will be launching their US online e-tail site in the Spring with the new collection from Paris Fashion Week.

The designer herself, giving a spin in one of her favorite pieces.
The full Paul & Joe line includes:

Paul & Joe Beaute - cosmetics
Little Paul & Joe- children's wear
Paul & Joe Sister- women's ready to wear