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Networking Attire

Networking in Los Angeles and New York in the fashion industry is a MUST. Everyone seems to be fond of the phrase "it' all about who you know..".  Being in the fashion industry for so many years, I have certainly discovered this to be true.  
Establishing a fashionable entourage for a blogger consists of knowing designers, retail owners, stylists, photographers, and models.  The biggest factor that my career depends on is attending events, and constantly! Keeping abreast of what is current in your market requires a lot of energy and a lot of late night cocktail hours. 
Whether you are establishing yourself in the industry or simply amping up your profession, your chosen attire is imperative and not to be ignored.  While attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise here in Los Angeles, I was told to dress to impress every day of class, since we really weren't aware of who might be dropping in.  There were many occasions in which a film crew or famous designer would be seen walking down the halls. So I decided to heed this advice and carry it well into my career as well.
When I have an event to attend, I try to take in certain factors when planning my attire for the evening such as weather, the location, the subject of the event and who else will be in attendance. So for an event sponsored by PETA and hosted by a model at a new hot spot, I have to take into consideration looking fabulous while avoiding faux fur clutches and leather shoes.  
Another tip if you are attending an event that is reoccurring or annual, find out what others have worn in previous occasions and modernize it.  For instance, if you are invited to attend Fashion Week or a runway show, look up previous pictures from the designers past events and use the 'street style' or crowd garb as a guidelines.  A good example is the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic which requires similar attire as the Kentucky derby yet less pronounced.
Being comfortable and not fashionably inappropriate will also allow you to be on your 'A' game while mingling. The last thing you want to be thinking about is "why did I wear this?!" So for those of us potentially attending Fashion Week this Spring in New York, it is explicitly important to always be dressed above what is expected in any situation, especially here in the city where you tend to hop from one fashionable event to the next without a quick wardrobe change.