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New Years Fashion Resolutions

Every year, after the holidays have died down and our bellies are full and credit cards exhausted, we sit down and reflect on the past year and begin to think of the year to come. Some people are New Year's resolution enthusiasts and hit the gym January 1st, others are content with going with the flow. Either way, many of us are looking for something new. 
As I mentioned in 'Cataloging Your Closet', getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or that were never in style is a great start to a new closet for a new year.  Donations sky rocket over the holiday season as well as during the new year because of this, so you won't be alone.

After categorizing your closet based on color, season, theme, etc. you can identify how and where your wardrobe could use a boost.  For instance, I have talked about certain basics that are 'musts' for every gals attire such as black pumps and a little black dress.  The list however goes on and on and seems to get larger every year.  So in order to keep up, purging your old duds for new and timeless pieces will help keep your wardrobe in tact and ever trendy.

Vintage apparel is always making a resurgence regardless of the era.  Sticking to the classics is the simplest way to stay on trend while switching up the accessories to go along with the styles as they come and go.  A black cloche hat, camel trench, black scarf, brown flat boots, skinny jeans, a city bag, leggings in all colors and layered pearls are a few of my suggestions for the New Year.
Don't immediately run to the store to purchase these items, as making your list will be a process in itself beginning with your closet assessment and diagnosis.
(However the sales are pretty good right now). Make your list with your personal style in  mind and where you want your personal style to be.  Gradually you will make additions and cross things off your list as the new year rolls along.
For inspiration on what to fill your closet with, visit some of my favorite sites : thefancy, Pinterest, Polyvore, and Etsy.  On Polyvore, you can create your own outfits from items selected by users from popular sites across the world with your favorite and coveted pieces. Collect photos and make an inspiration board on Pinterest for "Dream Closet" or "Closet of 2013" and use it as motivation for your many shopping sprees to come!

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year!!!