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Post Holiday Deals & Steals

If you thought the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were worth it, welcome to post holiday bargain bonanza.  Retailers stock their shelves to the brim in the beginning of December in hopes to sell out of the festive goods by Christmas Eve.  However, after a day and a half break from the frenzy and prior to the New Year, stores are in desperate need to eliminate over stock and holiday specific items. The day after Christmas is notably the best time to buy holiday decor.
In order to release the shelves from their garland prison, retailers set items at 60-80% off regular and sale price to make them move and move fast.  The concept of the shelf eradication is so that the Spring merchandise can make its way into the stores to entice shoppers to begin the next season's purchases.
With stores having experienced the highest profit in over a year during the holiday spending frenzy, they are quick to usher in new items in an attempt to bring you the next "new" as soon as possible.
Some of the projected super savings on December 26th will be found at Macy's, Target, WalMart, H&M, Zara and most department stores.  These super sales are expected to be in-store only since they are most concerned about making physical space for the new merchandise already on its way from wholesalers.
December 26 is a common day for returning unwanted holiday gifts that will also be on severe mark down due to restocking.  So in case you missed out on the last Parabal Garung Winter Cape at Target, you might catch a returned one this Thursday! (already marked down 50% online and in-store)
You will still be able to take advantage of certain sales online (especially e-commerce only sites) however, I recommend creating a new tradition of post Christmas bargain hunting with the family.

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!!!!