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Hitting the Gym? Athletic Fashion Trends

Lululemon Bundle Up Jacket $198.00
Statistically proven to be the number one New Year's resolution, getting into shape or losing weight is a goal many of us set year after year.  One of the most prosperous divisions of the apparel industry is in fact athletic wear.  We have seen clear evidence of such fortune with the prompt rise of Lululemon Athletica.  After the opening of the brand's first store in Vancouver, inspired by an increase in female participation in sports, the retailer is now an international company with over 165 stores and 3 divisions.  
Forever21 Ruched Athletic Hoodie $27.80
Yoga apparel in particular has seen an increase in popularity in the past decade and launched the profits of many companies local and worldwide.  California is an especially thriving market for athletic fashion and trends being that it is the hometown of sportswear production due to its year round pleasant weather.

H&M Sports Top $24.95

Assuming you are one of the millions who will be joining a gym in the beginning of this new year, you will also be needing a athletic apparel face lift to go with the new you.  Seemingly expensive at times, considering its worn to be sweat in and then shoved into a locker, sportswear is made to be more durable and carefully constructed to be more comfortable than most ready to wear.  Along side the Spring 2013 trends we saw prancing down the runway, we are seeing wistful hues in yoga wear and running apparel as well that make them just as fashionable.
Reebok Realflex Optima 3.0 $89.99
Depending on your weather and preference of indoor or outdoor exercise, your apparel is key in your success of getting into shape, not to mention feeling confident.  During my most recent trip to Equinox in Marine Del Rey, I realized I was essentially in a sportswear runway show while on the treadmill with my fellow fashionably aware constituents.  So don't feel out of the loop if you haven't yet rushed to your local yoga spot and snatched up an outfit.  There are plenty of your favorite retailers who have an excellent selection of athletic apparel such as Forever21, H&M, Target and local department stores.
Use your newly found inspiration of health and fitness to fuel your sporty wardrobe and strut your way to fit in your new duds!