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The Perfect Date Outfit

Valentine's day, albeit a Hallmark holiday now, is the perfect day to celebrate romance, new or old, in a fashionable way.  Whether or not you can convince your significant other to spring for a fancy dinner or are spending the night in by candlelight at the kitchen table, the proper outfit is still required.

So let's take it up a notch, shall we?  If you don't get too many opportunities in your normal social or professional life to dress up, and I mean really dress up, then use this special day as an excellent excuse to do just that. 

If you want to achieve a romantic look or a flirty ensemble, here are a few perfect date night picks with accessories. Most of these items are reasonably priced so don't forget to use some of these items to drop hints to your loved one for gifting!

Also, don't forget to check your local retailer for deals and steals. Victoria's Secret is one of the top suggested stores to visit during the holiday for the best items like a free lacie V-Day thong and free chocolates in store only for purchases over $75.