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Trend Spotting: Customization Fashion Designer - Eyola

With fashion competing with itself constantly over the new 'new' while simultaneously recreating vintage styles, personalizing your appearance is gaining momentum. The easiest way to accomplish a personalized style is through customization, a seemingly overlooked fine art in the fashion industry.

When fashion was historically hosted in houses in France of skilled ateliers and tailors, customization was the only way to prepare a garment. As a customer, you were able to choose the precise hemming, the inseam length, the fabric, etc. Since those times, we have briskly moved into mass standard sizes and fast fashion pieces that may or may not end up being improperly cut or sized.

As of recent, we have detected a comeback of customization, namely in the jewelry and accessories departments.  Femme De Rose, a luxury custom-made online service which allows women to create their own Victorian-esque luxury blazers. Created by London native, Aloye Adede who previously worked at Alexander McQueen, the brand 'Eyola' also has a ready to wear collection which launched this past Fall/Winter called "The Colour Wheel."  Using the online site to create and customize your blazer down to the fabric lining to the buttons and pocket shape, women can own a piece of luxury as though they stepped into a couture house in the early 1900's, and without paying an arm and a leg.  The first step in designing your jacket is setting your own price range, then from there you choose the basic shape and color while your cad is updated as you make your selections.
As many consumers are still quite leery of even shopping online with their already trusted brands, designing a custom piece entirely online can be more cautioning. However, you can request a fabric sample from Femme De Rose during your designing stages of your custom jacket. Since you are the one creating the piece, it seems no one will be left unsatisfied with the results especially since step three walks you through the proper way to measure yourself for the garment to be sized to specific proportions. 

What woman wouldn't want to be a designer for a day to create a staple garment that will fit like a glove?  Since the price is fairly reasonable for the quality and construction, one could create an entire closet full of customized garments in various colors for various seasons, including a vest version for Spring/Summer.

We have seen video feeds of models in garments on sites, such as, so that you can see the garment and how it moves versus the 'old' back and front shot. (Like this Ellen Tracy Trench)
Interactive websites are gaining popularity based on new and evolving technology, so designing a garment entirely on a website to be made and shipping within 4 weeks is not entirely too far fetched. In fact, I feel more sites should be following suit! (no pun intended)