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Customize This! GiGi New York

Customization, as mentioned in my previous post on designer Eyola, is a resurfacing trend that helps add a bit of class and sophistication to a style. Customization was always revered to the wealthy in the past but now can be found in all price ranges.

The Gospel According to CoCo Chanel 

GiGi New York, a family company that also owns and operates Graphic Image, sold in Bergdorf GoodmanBarney'sHarrods and Neiman Marcus.  The brand provides pieces for both men and women.  Their luxury leather handbags have been featured in Harper's Bazaar as well as People Magazine.  Both brands hold true to the current style and trends while adding an extra note of luxury.

Not only are the accessories carefully crafted, each patron gains the personal experience by adding a little something special to their order.  After you have selected your accessory of choice, you can select your initials in your choice of foil to be imprinted on a matching(or not) bag tag or directly on the item. The customization process costs between $15-$25 and only 5-7 days! For the jet setters, I highly recommend the Black Teddie Tote with matching bag tag and gold foil.  A flash of class and sophistication with a personal touch.

Feel free to mix and match colors and bag tags as you please.  The Spring Collection has quite the complimentary hues such as an Indigo Tote with a Mint Wallet.

GiGi New York
will be attending ENK Vegas this week as well as NY Coterie at the end of the month. You can purchase and personalize through their online store.