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Route Your Commute

No matter if you are an LA local or a DC dweller, all of us have a decently horrendous commute each and every day.  Some of us actually enjoy the journey to and fro, while others utterly despise it.  Regardless, the path itself holds a certain place in our hearts, even as we relocate and learn new roads, freeways, highways, parkways and the like.

Los Angeles native and designer Lauren Makai, a fellow professional commuter, has devised a way we can all pay homage to our daily travel experience.  Her line, Commuter Collection, only began a few months ago, but is not taking to the streets quickly, no pun intended.  Similar to the concept Dogeared promotes, the charm-esque line allows consumers to select highway/freeway/interstate signs of their choosing, congruent with their commute, past commute or future desired travels.  The charms are then placed on a necklace chain of your choosing and can be added to as your travels expand!
Using materials such as gold vermeil, gold plated sterling silver, and oxidized and polished sterling silver, the pendant necklace fits perfectly into the "stacking trend" of wearing more than one at a time. The pieces are available to be created online and soon to be in stores. 

Lauren has plans in the future to expand the Commuter Collection to appeal to more metropolitan areas and the local transits with the same concept, personalizing the line just for you! The website is interactive and simple to customize your order to your preference while each piece is reasonably priced between $75 and $210.