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Got a Fleabag?

Created by a lawyer and a fashion addict, Fleabags are the new "it" in everyday fashion necessity. Alex Bell and Shira Entis created the line with the everyday gal in mind while adhering to high fashion standards.
Fleabags are lightweight eco friendly fashion totes that range in sizes and shapes to suit your preference and needs.  

The Original Flea is available in multiple colors and just so happens to be this blogger's favorite. With a leather base and handles (for over the shoulder use or hand held), it's roughly the same size as Louis Vuitton NeverFull and 1/3 of the cost.  The belted clasps and printed logo fit right into the lover of Ralph Lauren and vintage inspired styles.

Flea Bags are the quintessential travel accessory, especially for the stylish jetsetters. The full collection consists of clutches, coin purses, satchels and more, perfect for mixing and matching.  Due to their high end construction and materials utilized, these bags give definition to sturdy style. 

Currently available online as well as in various boutiques and retailers across the US and internationally. I urge you to add at least one fleabag to your collections at home.