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& Other Stories

Wedge Shoes £95 
Named the new "luxury brand" by H&M, & Other Stories launched online and brick and mortar in the UK this Spring.  The infamous fast fashion conglomerate has not only launched mega brand collaborations in the most recent history, bringing couture to lower-priced retail, but now they have opened their own enhanced brand that offers products with longer lasting and improved construction at higher, but still affordable, price points.
The brand also made its comeback to runway recently after 10 years at Paris Fashion Week for A/W 2013.

The variety offered in the store, as well as their e-commerce site, emphasizes on accessories and beauty more so than the parent stores.  The items are much more esthetically pleasing and one of a kind in appearance than what is typical from its parent company.

Only available to the UK, the brand is testing the market by soon opening in other European countries throughout the Spring and Summer of 2013 to measure its progress.  If all goes well, they will open the retail to the US.

This strategy not only helps create a buzz, but also adds to the exclusivity and prestige to the new venture, something H&M is not particularly known for.
Drawstring Bag £95 
Other brands, such as BCBG's Herve Leger and Neiman Marcus' CUSP, have opened sub brands to diversify and appeal to a broader customer base, but also allow for separate campaign and marketing efforts.

& Other Stories ready-to-wear collection is classic and simple and boasts a properly constructed series of garments that will last many uses and trips to the dry cleaners.

So keep your fingers crossed if you are not amongst the countries the store will be launching in this go around!