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Brand Presence Increasing in the Fashion Industry

Brand presence is an extremely relevant piece of the puzzle when it comes to a company's overall awareness and occupancy in all aspects.  These "aspects" originating from retail to online and now to events and mobile.

One of the most recent and relevant marketing pushes for brand presence was the increasingly popular West Coast music festival, Coachella. Brands in the past have typically set up tents and booths during the two weekend event to provide freebies, information and education about the company. NOW, the venue (being a giant field in the middle of a desert) is almost filled with brand tents and booths. Sponsors and companies involved are now much larger and well-known names than ever before  including fashion brands: Guess, H&M, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Harper's Bazaar and more. Hosting official pool parties off sight and at local venues, having personal DJs and even brow waxing and nail stations were a popular perk the brands brought to the table this festival season. Not to mention all the freebies and product specifically marketed for Coachella.

It is an ingenious tactic to invest in sponsorship or even mere attendance as a brand to Coachella and similar events.  As a company, there is no better way to get to know your market than being smack dab in the middle of it. Especially with the rising popularity of 'street style' emerging as a staple fashion guideline, when that typical fell to the job of celebrity stylists.
Onto another example of ever increasing way for brands to penetrate their markets is prom. Years ago, prom was merely a blip on your radar if you were a company that didn't necessarily have a direct relation to the "prom industry." Today we see brands Of all kinds getting involved including restaurants boasting prom meal deals the night of, clothing and jewelry brands offering styled looks from head to toe (ones who normally don't dabble in special occasion). 

YouTube is exploding with the new trend of videos of boys creatively asking their dates to the dance (think flash mob wedding proposal style).

Not that this infiltration is a bad thing, I, for one, am constantly scheming for new ways of marketing and increasing visibility.  The consumer market is merely developing at such a rapid pace, there is nothing but get involved for these companies to do. Otherwise, they will be left behind to pick up the pieces from not jumping on the very fast paced bandwagon that is success.