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M.Dot Design Studio- Sewing for San Diego

A true luxury lifestyle comes equip with a custom designed wardrobe and then some. Blazing into town with a new style of affordable luxury and one of a kind fashion is M. Dot Design Studio.  Recently relocating from San Diego, Michelle Aquinos' M. Dot Design Studio is now located in the Miracle Mile of Los Angeles. 
M.Dot's Bright & Sunny Studios

The Inspiration/Trends Board
Michelle has spent many years hand sewing and designing women's (and men's) clothing both couture and ready to wear. She has built an impressive (to say the least) clientele and network while working in the hospitality industry for the W Hotel, a staple for uniqueness and luxury. As a W 'Insider', Michelle worked with high end clients in discovering trends, styles and destinations that coincide with the opulent lifestyles of the preferred guests, supporting her efforts and enthusiasm for luxury clothing and design.

The M.Dot Essentials
M. Dot Design Studio is a full scale production space in which clients can enter for a consultation, to browse or to receive an entire wardrobe overhaul by the designing team.  Clients are delightfully greeted with the booming personality of Michelle and her team, feeling welcome and ready to create.  Her pattern and fabric book is an inspiring vintage piece in itself, hosting textiles from all around the world for the clients to choose from and gather inspiration.  Michelle encourages customers to bring in their own fabrics as well, including vintage pieces for refurbishing or re-purposing.  

Choosing from 15 patterns, which rotate and shift based on trends and seasons, you then can begin the creation process of your one of a kind garment.  Many of the customers utilize the services of the studio for professional attire and special events.  However, the concept allows for each person to have an option of a few staple pieces or an entire wardrobe since the cuts, fabrics and designs are clean, sleek, flattering and fit to your body.
It doesn't end there, though. Michelle has partnered with other designers to award each customer with a chance to get a complete head to toe look.  Some of her most recent collaborations offered in the studio are with famed jewelry designer, Robyn Rhodes as well as Lush and Elisa Gonsalves

Michelle teaching me how to wear my new Signature Rope Dress

Kate Spade 'Strike Your Fancy' Bracelet, Henri Bendel Stack Ring

Each design is priced for under $300, hence the term 'affordable luxury'.  Michelle believes in the concept of offering a luxury lifestyle through a custom wardrobe to those on a budget. An AMAZING concept!  M.Dot has plans to expand to major cities, where most of her clientele are, beginning with San Francisco, New York as well as internationally.

                          To Make Reservations Call 323.413.2776