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Day with a Designer: A Boho Chic Gem- Cheyann Benedict

Fashion designers are a delicate breed. They never originate from the same roots, location, inspiration or mindset. They simply seem to be innately born with a desire to create and an eye for taste. As Cheyann Benedict described the importance of taste and personality in design, it seemed apparent that she was born with the talent of expression.  Her means of expression through her clothing line seem to have an energy that flows through the use of handcrafted prints and high end fabrics.  The collection, using her namesake, possesses a bohemian essence with a sophisticated flare, much like the designer herself.
Known as the co-founder of C&C, Cheyann has experienced organic growth with her brand thus far in her native California.  The collection of free flowing silks and one of a kind prints communicates to a free spirited style with a chic and no nonsense personality.  With a wide variety of garments to offer, Cheyann's line truly speaks as a "lifestyle" collection.
During her planning and preparation for Spring 2014, Cheyann spoke of a totally different feel and look for the line as something new to look forward to in addition to the creation of her denim line.
It just goes to show, a designers creative mind is never at rest.
You can purchase her designs online or in her welcoming boutique located at:
318 N. La Brea Ave, call 323.936.2600.
A rainbow of Cheyann Benedict dresses

'The Dalia'
Turquoise inlay table at the boutique.

'The Dalia'

'The Dalia'



Short Tank

'Raw Sahara'-Natural Raw Silk Pants

'Raw Sahara'

'Raw Sahara'