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Sunny Saturdays- Tomboy Style

So what do you do on a sunny Saturday during the supposed "June Gloom" in California?...go for a ride, of course! With beach waves created with a texture spray by Alterna, comfy cropped pants by Cheyann Benedict and my recently gifted crop tank from Wet n' Wild, I was ready to go! 
With my new Keds on, perfect for a ride to the beach, I topped off my look with my 'Hayden' hot pink frames custom built at Made Eyewear
So long June Gloom!!!!
Don't text and bike!

Hot Pink Keds Moccasins

'Hayden' frames by Made Eyewear in Hot Pink, Crop Tank from Wet n' Wild

'Classic Genie' Pants by Cheyann Benedict

Keds- Rookie Laceless Gingham