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Girl On the Go- Commuting Around Los Angeles

Ever feel like you are rushing to get to EVERY event, meeting, lunch and date? It seems a common theme amongst the majority of hard working individuals is... "GO". As a fashion blogger with a full time job, and then some, I am constantly "on the go." I have become an avid patron of the Los Angeles metro transit system, even though my Mini Cooper has great gas mileage. (but who can stand the traffic?) 

Certain days even call for outfit changes that take place awkwardly in my vehicle or Starbucks restrooms, other days I manage to rustle up a decent transitional outfit such as this one. This particular basic style took me from Saturday morning errands to a downtown LA venue scouting and on to dinner during Dine LA. 

I also choose to stick to my signature color palette of black. This way, I can mix and match with every bit of ease I need to commute all day and still look classic and chic. I find that black is my go-to color because of this.

After all, no one said we need to be uncomfortable ALL day whilst running around like there is no tomorrow.

Destroyed Skinny Jeans by Forever 21, Lightweight Coat from H&M, ZARA Heels

ZARA Heels

Signature Color -