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Subtle Luxury- A Simple Guide to Boho Chic

A staple item that is always on trend, in style and fashion appropriate for almost any situation, scarves are evolving into garments that can offer multi-use as well as stand alone.  Printed lightweight scarves are a California style staple and lend to the look and feel of attempting a 'Boho Chic' look.

Subtle Luxury is a California grown company that creates the "worn" and "lived-in" look for the fashionable clientele to accessorize and experiment with.  The company has long functioned on the notion of comfort and chic being inseparable in addition to the relaxed and karmatic lifestyle their pieces perfectly lend to.

Subtle Luxury has an array of offerings and collections ranging from cashmere to spun silk, from prints to solids, from ombre to sheer and wraps and cover-ups.  Contributing to many looks and styles, their pieces have the ultimate in versitility and utility. Subtle Luxury prides itself on being an ecological business and repurposes almost 100% of unused product in the most creative of ways, incorporating canvas covers and totes into their artistic adaptation of the spare fabrics.
Fashion District Downtown Los Angeles