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A Decade of Style- Black Halo

Recently I had the pleasure of celebrating a milestone for one of my favorite designers, Black Halo. With 10 years under the belt, the brand has become and iconic image of style for many women. Designer Laurel Berman's expertise in draping and construction lend to the brand's continued success and achievement as an innovative trademark.
Black Halo dresses are easily recognized for their superior shape and quality prints and color combinations.  The form flattering classic pieces with a modern twist are an instant appeal to women as a closet staple must-have.
I purchased my first Black Halo piece, the iconic 'Jackie O' Dress, for a wedding and received just about the same amount of compliments and the bride. With my latest addition, a one of a kind piece, the promises of a full depth collection begins.

One of a kind Black Halo Dress

One of a kind Black Halo Dress

Goodies and LookBooks from Black Halo Fall 2013

Accessories for the Black Halo 10 Year Anniversary Lunch at Cecconi's; Kate Spade Purse

A beautiful lunch to celebrate Black Halo's 10 Years of Style 

Black Halo Blogger Babes,  colorful bunch!
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