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Fashion Week Prep

After many years of doing this for both business and pleasure, the time has come for New York Fashion Week. Beginning my journey in the industry with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week when they still had a presence in Los Angeles, circa 2008, a bit of nostalgia sets in each Season I cover the highly anticipated event.

Each year, the planning and preparation seems to get easier and more complicated simultaneously. However, once a fashion go-er develops a cadence for the week of fury, the stress dissipates as the event nears. New designers, some returning, some I've never seen. Each season is just as busy and just as fabulous.
Outside the Lincoln Center during NY Fashion Week S/S '13

In previous posts and fashion week coverage, I have mentioned the amount of toil and preparation the brands do in order to be involved each year. Month by month, they are working towards the peek of the apprehension and the highlight of the industry's social events.

For some, it's all business for others it's pure pleasure. For me, it's both. I attend to be informed and to be educated by the genius and foresight that the designers and brands possess. Their ability to forecast and deliver visually dazzling and entertaining runway in addition to their expertise baffles me relentlessly.

I can barely make it through a week and a half of changing in the back of cabs, shoe swapping sneakily at the corner of Columbus and 62nd, and trying to keep my makeup somewhat in tact without being able to look in a mirror for 6 hours. It certainly is something worth a documentary.

But alas, reporting from New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, stay tuned all next week for live tweets, video, reports and more!

The photographers await the street style outside the Lincoln Center during NY Fashion Week.