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The Pant Revolution- LOFT

For someone who lives in pants and maxis, I often cringe at the thought of trying them on at the stores because I simply know... they won't fit properly. They will always be too loose in the waist, too tight in the hip, too short at the ankle...The list goes on. For all of us, pant shopping can be a fashion disaster waiting to happen or another one of those style moments in which we simple settle for less. Whether it's lesser quality or a poor fit, no one should be settling when it comes to style.
Recently, LOFT went on what some might call a 'pant crusade' by pooling focus groups of women across America and market testing to find out what women want. And that they did! 
After widening the fabric on the waistline to create a slimming mid section, angling lines and hems in all the right places and incorporating a stretch high quality fabric that wards off wrinkling and pulling, they created...The Perfect Pant.
With over 45 style options in various colors and prints, your wardrobe has gained a new must-have for day-to-night essentials! These particular straight leg pants accompanied me to New York Fashion Week and even withstood a 5 hour plane ride. I arrived at JFK looking business ready!
Having options is fashion freedom! See which fit is right for you!
Julie Straight Leg Pant in Mid Weight LOFT Scuba; Aldo Wedges

Banana Republic 'Carpe Diem' Pullover

Banana Republic 'Carpe Diem' PulloverJulie Straight Leg Pant in Mid Weight LOFT Scuba;

Banana Republic 'Carpe Diem' Pullover, Gorjana & Griffin

The cut is perfect enough to show off my Aldo Wedges