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Shop My Closet!

Being a blogger has it's perks, undeniably. I use tons of fabulous products in my posts and photo shoots and I want to share them with you!
So I have listed a few of my items online for less than 1/2 the original cost for you to own! If there is a product you have seen in my posts and it's not listed yet, feel free to request it via email! 
Let me know what you would like to own and I will list it for you! All of the items are designers and brands you recognize and love already, just for less!
Most of the items have only been worn once for the purpose of the photo shoot. However, ALL items are in amazing condition because I take care of my fashion!  Unfortunately the shoes are all size 8.5, but the clothing and accessories vary and will look fabulous on you!
I am excited to share my style and my fashion with the people who inspire trends!
Here is the link where you can shop-