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Isabel Marant For H&M- The Aftermath

Being that it is a part of my duty as a fashion blogger to cover events such as hot and trendy collaborations, as well as being a victim of fashion, I do love attending the frenzy of launches like the most recent and anticipated collab between Isabel Marant and H&M.
Beginning with low expectations, (I don't like being disappointed is all), I arrived to the Century City Mall in Los Angeles at 6AM for the 8AM launch.
A small and underwhelming line had formed with what looked like very tired yet excited shoppers. As usual, I am always impressed when girls can somehow bribe their significant others to wake up early and camp out a mall for a launch like this. I am normally most interested in the caliber of people and what brings them to events like this, so I end up doing most of my 'research' while in line.
Most of the attendees seemed to be there for either early holiday shopping or simply fans of fashion in general. Stylists, designers, models and just avid shoppers made up the majority of the shoppers. The minority consisted of significant others and supportive friends, it seemed. After all, it's always more effective with an entourage at these happenings.
The collection was more attainable in terms of design when compared to the avant garde fail that was Maison Martin Margiela.  With the inclusion of both higher constructed basics paired with the obvious out of the norm mark of the Parisian designer, the crowd seemed to respond quite well to the designer's latest. 

Some of the behaviors I wish I did not see at shopping events like this include the 'grab now, decide later' theory in which shoppers grab all sizes, get into the checkout line and then pick through their own pile. As well as the abuse of the 'limit' rule and having each member of your extended family get the maximum allowed, leaving scraps for the rest. On one hand.... I say, touché....on the other/more fair hand...come on! Then there is the mass of items that is later released on eBay an hour after launch. I am a firm believer in capitalizing but that is a whole different level of "business" I would rather not venture into.

After attending so many of these, I would like to consider myself as somewhat of an expert. So here are my tips to making it out alive during these collaborations-

-Come with a friend:
     It seems to be easier when there are limits set to how many items each shopper may purchase, albeit a large amount set, that you will have better chances in numbers.

-Being nice does pay off:
     In my experience, when you remain classy and nice, you might actually get what you want. In my case, I ended up getting exactly what I came for because I made friends with my line mates and one of them ended up having an eye out for my item and a much faster hand than I. (A shout out to my real estate gal)

-Keep out for Karma:
     What goes around, comes around. After my friendly encounter, I was able to return the favor for another gal who wasn't able to purchase her coveted fringe boots in store, but I was able to snag her size for her using the H&M app as we were exiting the store. Score!

-Be prepared for a frenzy:
   It is not that I have little faith in people to act a certain way, but do be ready for what the surrounding generates. For instance, after waiting in line with your grande double shot machiato surrounded by the tired and irritable, just to be ushered into an enclosed space while hopped up on caffeine with a live DJ at 8AM who insists on playing the trendy "The Fox" song on repeat....there is bound to be a whole other level of anxiety shared that you may have never experience and may not have wanted to.

All in all, have fun, be genuine and share the fashion love!
Until the next collaboration......
The wristband system at the Isabel Marant for H&M. Each person had a specific time to shop.

Shopping bags from Isabel Marant for H&M. Apparently these went on sale online for $15 shortly after launch, yet were free with purchase.

Now that's a good Christmas! At the Isabel Marant for H&M Collabration
*Photo credit- Brooke Corson

The items I managed to score at the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration- 

All in all, have fun, be genuine and share the fashion love!
Until the next collaboration......